Harrison-Allen Bowl Winners, 1971

Back row (left to right):
S.Williams, J.H.Jones, E.G.Thomas, C.Venables(ump.), R.L.Smith, G.Richards, M.Charles, R.James, S.Morris, S.Richards(ump.), R.Howells, A.F.Morgan, R.Griffiths, B.Evans.
Front row (left to right):
J.Laugharne, M.Richards, S.Watts, C.E.Morgan, C.Davies, J.C.G.John, O.Picton, K.Edwards, A.L.Smith.

First Innings
Second Innings
T.Scourfield not out 54 T.Scourfield ct A.Smith b R.James 3
B.Morgan b R.James 5 M.Cole ct C.Davies b S.Watts 14
P.Hall ct C.Davies b R.James 46 P.Hall hit wkt b S.Watts 13
M.Cole not out 0 B.Morgan ct J.Laugharne b S.Watts 13
G.Hicks b S.Watts 6
D.Sefton run out 6
C.Cole b R.James 1
B.Diment b S.Watts 4
M.Brace b S.Watts 3
P.Broad run out 0
D.Morris not out 0
Extras 6 Extras 5
Total 111 Total 68
Fall of wickets:1-8,2-109 Fall of wickets:1-4,2-25,3-37,4-50,5-54,
Bowling: S.Watts 7-0-36-0
R.James 11-0-44-2
Bowling: R.James 11-1-31-2
S.Watts 11-1-32-6
First Innings
Second Innings
C.Davies ct P.Hall b D.Sefton 18 C.Davies b M.Brace 4
K.Edwards run out 23 K.Edwards b D.Sefton 0
M.Richards b D.Sefton 12 M.Richards ct C.Hicks b D.Sefton 10
S.Watts ct G.Hicks b D.Sefton 6 J.Laugharne b M.Brace 21
J.Laugharne run out 20 S.Watts not out 39
M.Charles b D.Sefton 4 M.Charles b D.Sefton 1
R.James b D.Sefton 4 R.James b D.Sefton 1
O.Picton not out 1 O.Picton ct G.Hicks b B.Morgan 13
G.Richards not out 0
Extras 1 Extras 4
Total 89 Total 94
Fall of wickets: 1-40,2-44,3-54,4-60,5-68,
Fall of wickets: 1-2,2-5,3-35,4-35,5-69,
Bowling: D.Sefton 11-0-46-5
D.Morris 5-0-17-0
M.Brace 6-0-25-0
Bowling: D.Sefton 11-0-43-4
M.Brace 8-1-33-2
D.Morgan 2-0-14-1

In 1971 Carew had never won the coveted Harrison-Allen Bowl, but must have believed they were in with a real chance as they gained a 22 run lead at the half way mark. But then Watts began to exert an influence as he took 6 for 32 off 11 overs to limit Carew to 68 in their second innings and provide Neyland with a victory target of 94.
They started disastrously as first innings top scorer Ken Edwards went for a duck and captain Colin Davies soon followed to leave the team desperate at 5-2. But then 21 from John Laugharne and 39 not out from Stuart Watts settled the issue as Neyland reached their target and Watts was awarded the Man Of The Match trophy. He must have breathed a sigh of relief because early in the game he dropped a real 'dolly' off Peter Hall and watched in horror as the Carew clouter combined with Tony Scourfield in a partnership of 101 runs.