Neyland cricket club was founded in 1889, though cricket was certainly being played in Neyland before this. The local newspaper of the 24th August 1887 carried a report of a match between the men of the town and their counterparts from Milford Haven.
The Neyland Cricket Club was actually founded at a meeting of three local enthusiasts, a Mr. Christison, Mr. Harris and Dr. Edmundston, in the smoking room of a local hotel, and the first general meeting held on the 12th May 1889. The first match was played shortly afterwards, on the 3rd June 1889, and in their first season Neyland played on every Saturday except the 17th June, finishing with a playing record that read: Played 15, Won 7, Lost 7, Drawn 1.
The first annual dinner of the Neyland Cricket Club was held on the 29th November, 1889, at the South Wales Hotel in Little Milford, where the club's first President, Mr J.H.Coram, J.P., C.C., chaired proceedings. By this time the club already had 43 members and the club intended to form a second eleven as soon as possible to cater for the growing number of people in the town who wanted to play cricket. The club treasurer, Mr G. Liddall, was loudly applauded when he announced that Neyland Cricket Club was already £3-10-7p in credit, thanks largely to the generosity of Mr Coram who had donated a £5 note as soon as he heard the club had started - a fine gesture which ensured the club would survive its first season.
The batting and bowling averages for the first season are still available, but most importantly Neyland Cricket Club had enjoyed it's first year.
Just two years after that historic first season, Neyland suffered one of their heaviest defeats and recorded their lowest score. They entertained Williamston, July 1891 and lost by an innings and 22 runs, despite the fact that the opposition only scored 55 all out!