Neyland Athletic Ground Development

In 2007 and as part of the England and Wales Cricket Board Accreditation scheme, Neyland Cricket Club created it's first strategic Development Plan. The plan set out in detail the clubs aspirations in terms of development and, given the club had experienced a prolonged spell of relative financial hardship the plan identified numerous areas where improvement was necessary.

Since that time the club has come a tremendous distance and over the course of the last 3 years some £100,000 has been invested in facilities at the Athletic Ground in Neyland. Please see below the completed projects and the accompanying reports. None of this development would have been possible without the tremendous support of our sponsors and supporters and the club are extremely grateful to them and to the grant funding bodies who have made these improvements possible.

'With continued hard work and investment Neyland Cricket Club will become the best cricket facility in Pembrokeshire. That has to be the aim and the committee, players and supporters are all working hard to help us realise this ambition' - Paul Miller Development Manager, Neyland Cricket Club

Development Projects 2009/10

Purchase of new Outfield Mower
Consturction of new Electronic Scoreboard
Purchase of Wicket Covers
Completed April 2010 -
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Completed August 2010 -
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Completed July 2010 -
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Development Projects 2008/09

Development of new Practise Net Facilities
Purchase of new Heavy Roller
Completed May 2009 - Click for Report
Completed June 2009 -Click for Report

On-going Projects

Purchase of new Square Mower
Errection of South End Sight Screen
Ongoing - Click for more info
Scheduled May 2011-Click for more info
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